SeqOmics Biotechnology

The privately held small enterprise SeqOmics Biotechnology Ltd. ( was founded in 2009 by established scientists in order to provide solutions for the permanently increasing demand in genomics and bioinformatics services. The company offers full genomics services and bioinformatic analyses worldwide at any depth specified by the customers (using various Illumina and Life Technologies next-generation sequencing – NGS – platforms). The highly qualified molecular biology and bioinformatics staff represent further advantage for SeqOmics Biotechnology Ltd. at the genomics market. Both the customers and the company are benefiting from the facts that SeqOmics is a small organization (SME) in Eastern Europe (Hungary), thereby functions especially cost-effectively with 20-25 highly qualified experts. In addition, the company is open for free scientific discussions already at the project-design step. The company has ample experience in large international consortial projects in FP7, H2020, Norway and EEA Grants.


Reference projects, data:

  1. FP7 RAIDS: (Seqomics Ltd. budget: 1.100.000 EUR)
  2. Norway Grant project leader, (Seqomics Ltd. budget: 300.000 EUR)
  3. 10 + large sequencing projects every year (strong cooperations with research groups at DTU Copenhagen, Royal Holloway University, a number of German and Austrian companies, domestic universities, etc.)
  4. 10 + contributions to major peer-reviewed publications (Nature Communications, Nature Microbiology, The ISME Journal, etc.)


The yearly net income at Seqomics Ltd. is around 500 M HUF (1.5 – 2 M EUR) which is mostly from the provided routine services and the sales of the in-house developed diagnostics tests (molecular and genetic tests for food safety and animal health as well as the metagenomics-based microbial community assessment services for health and biotech industries). The accredited food safety and water laboratories also represent highly important elements of the company portfolio.

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