Māra Pilmane, Zane Vitenberga-Verza, Ksenija Šerstņova, Lukasz Gontar, Maksymilian Kochanski, Beatriz Prieto-Simón, Gergely Maroti, 2021. Citokīni, pretmikrobu proteīni, piens un govs piena dziedzera iekaisums (Cytokins, antimicrobial proteins, milk and mastitis of the bovine udder), Medicus Bonus. 53, 22-27.
The article (in Latvian) states a broad overview of the factors and their role in the development of inflammation in bovine mastitis. Literature review presents a distinct knowledge about cytokines, antimicrobial peptides and their finding in various tissues and cells under varying conditions of homeostasis – from physiological norm to pathology. Visual examples by microphotographies of morphological findings of studied factors in various tissues and cells are also given.





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