RIC Pro-Akademia

Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia (RIC) is a Polish research organisation specializing in interdisciplinary applied research in the field of circular economy, agri-food and sustainable energy. RIC’s recent achievements include:

  • ranked in TOP10 most effective Polish research organizations in Horizon 2020 (2021)
  • awarded “HR Excellence in Research” logo by the European Commission (2018)
  • awarded the status of Observer of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as an organisation competent in the areas of the Convention (2018).

RIC has over 25 years of experience in being a coordinator and a partner in successful research and innovation projects. In particular, Biosens4PrecisionMastitis takes advantage from RIC’s expertise in development of new technologies for animal wellbeing improvements, e.g. within PROKOKO project (“Design and implementation of innovative bedding material with bio-assurance properties, improving wellbeing of poultry”).

In this project, RIC will collect a wide panel of milk samples from healthy, sub-clinical and clinical cases of cows and perform microbiological research. Biosens4PrecisionMastitis benefits from RIC’s microbiology laboratories, allowing for comprehensive research involving inter alia bacterial cultures, immunoassays and Somatic Cell Count tests. RIC’s role will be key to guide the integration of the new technology into the framework of infectious animal disease prevention ensuring the harmonisation of the methodological processes and materials. RIC’s team will validate the new sensors at cattle farms and assess the feasibility to integrate them within the existing milking infrastructures. RIC will also contribute into a social aspect of the project focused on identifying and understanding technical and farmer’s socioeconomic needs and constraints with regards to mastitis detection, as well as cost and benefits of adopting the new technology.

Website: www.proakademia.eu

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