Second round of milk samples collection completed

Improved experimental protocols as well as foundations for the preliminary panel of biomarkers for early mastitis detection – those were the major highlights of the second round of 6-day-long field tests in Biosens4PrecisionMastitis that ended on October 18, 2021 in Urbanki (Northern Poland).

This was another important experimental step in our project, which brings us closer to fulfilling our research vision: distinguishing between mastitis infected and healthy cows at the early stages of the disease.

This Autumn we collected milk samples from the same dairy farm we visited in Spring. Based on the insights and experiences we collected previously, we were able to improve our experimental protocols and collect valuable knowledge base for the next steps of our project

– explains Lukasz Gontar from Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia, one of the partners in Biosens4PrecisionMastitis project, who coordinated the field experiments, microbiological studies, Somatic Cell Count analyses, isolation of total RNA, and preparation of milk sediments.

Similar to the previous sample collection round, the research has showed that new methods for early mastitis detection are urgently needed. Based on the collected samples of milk of dairy cows with subclinical and clinical mastitis, Biosens4PrecisionMastitis partners in Hungary (Seqomics) and Latvia (RSU) are now preparing miRNA-specific libraries as well as identifying inflammatory and regulatory cytokines, which can serve as biomarkers for early mastitis detection. The first scientific publication on our joint results is expected soon – please stay tuned!